Begin Again.

This time of year,
(the first days of school)
always feels nostalgic.

Memories of the old days,
long lazy mornings, bare feet,
open windows, and being near
water as the singular goal of the day.

The sweet feeling of
being untethered.

Perhaps wistful for
what was left behind,
life marches forward.

Seems suiting,
and somehow wonderful,
that in this time of year,
I, too, am ready to
being again.

Back to writing,
opening a private practice,
and putting down roots
of my very own.

The feelings move around,
(as feelings do)
gratitude, excitement, and
of course, the uninvited
thoughts that feed other feelings
surface in moments of vulnerability.

I welcome it all,
as arriving to here,
was hard earned.

Going through a difficult time
and getting to the other side
is where our resilience lives.

When the you-know-what hits the fan,
slow everything down,
into micro moments,
breathe, and begin again.

When the day is atrocious,
for a variety of reasons,
we honor the gift of time,
and begin again.

When life throws you a curve ball,
shatters what was known,
into bits and pieces of unknown,
reconnect to what matters,
breathe deeply, frequently,
and begin again.

My living prayer
for the past 2 years:
Breathe, reconnect to myself,
the natural world, people who love me,
and my beloved daily rituals.

Here’s to begin human,
and the decision to
just start. 

Sometimes the bravest thing to do is to step into the unknown and imagine things to be different.